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The 2 Most Possible Undervalued Dividend Stocks

Updated: Jan 31

The stock market has witnessed significant volatility this year, and dividend stocks have not escaped the selling pressure. However, this market downturn presents a golden opportunity for astute investors to uncover hidden gems amidst the chaos. Dividend stocks with robust underlying businesses and attractive valuations are poised for a resurgence in the near future.


The rise in interest rates has undoubtedly posed a challenge for dividend stocks, particularly in the third quarter. Investors can now secure compelling yields on treasury bills, minimizing the perceived risk associated with stocks. This shift in sentiment has undoubtedly dampened investor enthusiasm for dividend stocks.

Despite these headwinds, investors are overlooking a crucial factor: dividend growth. Several undervalued dividend stocks boast compelling and expanding businesses that are poised to generate substantial profits in the future, supporting dividend increases. Moreover, these companies have demonstrated a unwavering commitment to returning capital to shareholders.

Today, we'll highlight two companies that offer dividend yields above 6%. Their valuations are so compelling that their price-to-earnings ratios nearly match or even fall below their yields. Yet, these are growing businesses with the potential to enhance their dividends in the future. Consider these undervalued dividend stocks for capital gains and potential dividend growth: ($BTI) - British American Tobacco: Unveiling the Next-Generation Dividend Gem

Amidst the evolving landscape of the tobacco industry, British American Tobacco (NYSE:BTI) emerges as a compelling investment opportunity, offering both capital gains potential and dividend growth prospects. Despite facing stringent industry regulations, BTI has consistently demonstrated its ability to adapt and innovate, positioning itself for significant value creation in the years to come.

The tobacco industry is undergoing a transformation, shifting away from traditional cigarettes and embracing next-generation products. BTI has been at the forefront of this innovation, pioneering a range of non-combustible products that are rapidly gaining traction among consumers. With over 22.5 million customers already using its non-combustible products, BTI is well-positioned to capitalize on this growing market.

BTI's leadership in the vapor and heated tobacco segments is particularly noteworthy. Its Vuse brand, acquired following the takeover of Reynolds America in 2017, dominates the vapor products category. In heated tobacco, glo continues to gain market share, with revenues surging 22% in 2022. Additionally, BTI holds a commanding 69% volume share in the oral pouch category with its Velo brand.

These non-combustible products are not only driving revenue growth but also contributing to BTI's bottom line. In 2022, non-combustible products accounted for 14.8% of total revenues, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. The 2023 half-year results demonstrate the increasing significance of these products, with revenues surging 26.6% year-over-year and now accounting for 16.6% of group revenue.

BTI's strong market position and commitment to innovation are further underscored by its robust financial performance. The company is poised to experience continued revenue growth from vaping and heated products, while traditional smoking remains a stable source of income. Additionally, cigarette price elasticity will enable BTI to maintain revenues even as smoking rates decline.

As of this writing, BTI stock is undervalued, offering a generous 9.6% dividend yield and a forward P/E of 6. This attractive valuation, combined with the company's strong growth prospects, makes BTI a compelling investment opportunity for investors seeking capital gains and dividend growth. Next-generation products are poised to drive the next era of sustainable growth for BTI, unlocking significant value for shareholders in the years to come. 3M (MMM): A Dividend King Unveiling Potential for Upward Mobility

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$MMM - Monthly Chart Posted by ZTRADEZ

Despite facing legal challenges and recent stock price downturns, 3M (NYSE:MMM) presents an attractive entry point for investors seeking a dividend king with the potential for significant growth. The company's proactive approach to addressing legal issues, coupled with its strong financial performance and potential for a healthcare business spinoff, suggests that MMM is poised for a resurgence.

In August 2023, 3M reached a $6 billion settlement for its earplug lawsuit, resolving claims against the company for hearing loss suffered by veterans. This settlement, spread over a seven-year period, provides 3M with ample financial flexibility to manage its legal liabilities and pursue strategic growth initiatives.

While the company still awaits settlement approval for its Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS) liabilities, it has secured preliminary approval for a $10.3 billion settlement deal. The resolution of these legal issues could serve as a significant catalyst for the stock price, removing overhangs and allowing investors to focus on the company's underlying strengths.

3M's unwavering commitment to shareholder value is evident in its impressive dividend track record. The company has increased its dividend for 65 consecutive years, solidifying its position as a dividend king. Despite the recent stock price decline, MMM currently offers a generous dividend yield of 6.6%, making it an attractive investment for income-oriented investors.

Beyond its dividend appeal, 3M's potential spinoff of its healthcare business presents an additional opportunity for value creation. The spinoff could unlock significant value for shareholders by allowing each business to focus on its respective growth strategies and potentially attract specialized investors.

Furthermore, despite the global economic headwinds, 3M has demonstrated its ability to execute successfully. Following its third-quarter earnings, management raised the 2023 EPS range to between $8.95 and $9.15, indicating confidence in the company's near-term outlook.

In conclusion, 3M presents an attractive investment opportunity for investors seeking a combination of capital gains potential, dividend income, and the potential for value creation through legal settlements and business spinoffs. The company's strong track record, proactive approach to legal challenges, and commitment to shareholder value make it a compelling option for long-term investors. [Disclaimer] !THIS IS NOT FINANCLAIL ADVICE!

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