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Monthly Dividend Stars That Could Shine Bright in 2024

Hunting for consistent income in the turbulent stock market? Look no further than these three monthly dividend stocks, primed for potential growth alongside "Fed pivot" optimism and other catalysts. Remember, this isn't financial advice, but a peek into compelling possibilities.

High Yield REIT

EPR Properties (EPR):

  • 6.96% forward yield: This net lease REIT, owning movie theaters and niche properties, saw its dividend rebound after the pandemic. Further interest rate cuts could fuel its price climb.

$EPR Properties

Fortitude Gold (FTCO):

  • 7.97% forward yield: This under-the-radar gem boasts a Nevada gold mine and a generous monthly payout. A dovish Fed pushing gold prices higher could send FTCO soaring.

$FTCO High Yield REIT

Gladstone Land (LAND):

  • 4.03% forward yield: While the yield isn't lofty, LAND's farmland holdings trade at a discount and offer long-term growth potential. Falling interest rates and new tenants could unlock this value.

$LAND Gladstone Land Corporation High Yield REIT ZTRADEZ

The drumbeat of rate cuts grows louder, and for these three monthly dividend stars, it could be the sweetest symphony. Lower interest rates offer them a double-barreled advantage: reduced debt servicing costs and potentially higher valuations.

Imagine it: EPR Properties securing cheaper loans to renovate their theater portfolio, Fortitude Gold's mining profits bolstered by lower operating expenses, and Gladstone Land capitalizing on attractive financing to expand their farmland empire. Each scenario translates to potentially more cash flowing to shareholders in the form of higher dividends or share buybacks.

These companies are already well-positioned to dance to the tune of falling rates. So, keep an eye on these monthly dividend champions – they might just serenade you with a sweet income stream in the coming year.

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