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$BKHY 9%+ YIELD! | High Yield Beta ETF (BKHY): Dive into the High-Yield Bond Market

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Buckle Up: High Yield Bonds May Be Primed for Takeoff

While the Federal Reserve's rate hike cycle nears its conclusion, a potential shift in the winds could send high-yield bonds soaring. With their current 9% yield, BKHY offers investors a compelling opportunity.

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Historically, corporate bonds tend to perform flat in stable markets, leaving only one direction to go – down. But buying when they're down, as they are now, has proven to be a winning strategy in the past. By investing in BKHY now, you're positioning yourself to potentially benefit from a significant increase in bond prices when the Fed eventually cuts rates.

Remember, the current yield environment presents a unique opportunity for income investors. Don't miss out on the potential for high returns and capital appreciation with BKHY.

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Top 10 holdings of BNY Mellon High Yield Beta ETF (BKHY)

  • TransDigm, Inc. 6.25%

  • Dreyfus Institutional Pre

  • CCO Holdings, LLC/CCO Holdings Capital Corp. 5.125%

  • Tibco Software Inc 6.5%

  • Mozart Debt Merger Subordinated Inc. 3.875%

  • Directv Financing LLC/Directv Financing Co-Obligor Inc. 5.875%

  • Davita Inc 4.625%

  • Cloud Software Group Inc. 9%

  • Vodafone Group PLC 7%

  • TransDigm, Inc. 5.5%

Please note that these holdings are subject to change, so it is always best to check the fund's prospectus or website for the most up-to-date information.

BKHY: High Yield Exposure with Passive Management

The BNY Mellon High Yield Beta ETF (BKHY) offers investors a convenient way to access broad exposure to USD-denominated high-yield corporate bonds. It tracks a market value-weighted index that includes bonds with at least one year to maturity and may also include non-US issues. This passive management strategy aims to provide diversification and low-cost access to the high-yield market.

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Key Features of BKHY:

  • Passively managed: Tracks a market value-weighted index.

  • Broad exposure: Includes a wide range of high-yield corporate bonds.

  • Diversification: Reduces risk by investing across various sectors and issuers.

  • Low cost: Expense ratio of only 0.35%.

  • USD-denominated: Suitable for investors seeking dollar exposure.

Investing in BKHY can be a good option for investors seeking:

  • High income: High-yield bonds typically offer higher yields than traditional bonds.

  • Diversification: BKHY provides exposure to a variety of high-yield issuers, reducing risk concentration.

  • Low cost: The low expense ratio makes BKHY an efficient way to access the high-yield market.

However, it is important to remember that high-yield bonds are also subject to higher credit risks and interest rate volatility. Before investing in BKHY, carefully consider your investment objectives and risk tolerance. [DISCLAIMER] Website: CLICK HERE


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