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A List of High-Flying Dividend Aristocrats

Top Dividend Growers for 2024: A List of High-Flying Dividend Aristocrats

The hunt for strong income in today's market can be tough. But fear not, dividend growth enthusiasts! There are still plenty of companies out there steadily increasing their payouts, year after year. Here are 25 of the best, showcasing their average annual dividend growth rates over the past three years:

Dividend Growers 2024

The most popular among retail traders!

  • Eli Lilly and Company (LLY): 15.15% growth, 10th year of increases, 0.81% yield. This pharmaceutical powerhouse boasts a consistent dividend track record and strong analyst support.

  • Visa Inc. (V): 15.30% growth, 15 years of increases, 0.78% yield. A global leader in financial services, Visa continues to impress with its unwavering dedication to rewarding shareholders.

Reliable REITs:

  • Elevance Health, Inc. (ELV): 15.93% growth, committed to shareholder returns, 1.35% yield. This health insurance titan prioritizes shareholder value, making it a dependable income option.

  • Mid-Am Apartment Communities, Inc. (MAA): 23.13% growth, 13 years of increases, 4.49% yield. Invest in the ever-growing apartment market with MAA, offering a juicy yield and consistent dividend hikes.

Industrial Leaders:

  • Carlisle Companies Incorporated (CSL): 16.00% growth, 47th year of increases, 1.10% yield. This diversified manufacturing company boasts an unmatched streak of dividend growth, ideal for long-term income-seekers.

  • Parker-Hannifin Corporation (PH): 17.91% growth, 66th year of increases, 1.26% yield. With 66 years of dividend growth under its belts, PH is a rock-steady option for stable income.

Retail Rockets:

  • Best Buy Co., Inc. (BBY): 18.71% growth, 10 years of increases, 4.92% yield. This electronics retailer is not just about gadgets – it's about growing dividends too!

  • Williams-Sonoma, Inc. (WSM): 20.08% growth, 14 years of increases, 1.73% yield. WSM caters to the high-end home market, and its dividends reflect that, with consistent double-digits growth.

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