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7% Dividend in a Growth Oasis: Is This REIT Your Next Green Giant?

Tired of roller coaster markets and inflation headaches? Buckle up for a green oasis in the financial desert: Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR). Over the past five years, this cannabis-focused REIT has not only crushed the S&P 500, but also left traditional giants like $SPY and $DOW in the dust, all while showering investors with a dripping dividend feast.

High Yield REIT $IIPR

Just look at the numbers:

  • IIPR vs. S&P 500: While the S&P sputtered to a meagre 55% gain since 2018, IIPR soared an eye-popping 337%, proving its resilience in turbulent times.

  • Conquering inflation: Forget inflation woes – IIPR's 7.1% dividend yield dwarfs the current inflation rate, effectively putting more money in your pocket even as prices rise. And thanks to the magic of compounding, over time, these juicy dividends snowball into a powerful wealth-building machine.

  • Crushing the competition: Traditional market leaders like $SPY and $DOW pale in comparison. Over the same period, IIPR outperformed them by a staggering 282% and 611%, respectively.

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So, what's the secret sauce? IIPR targets a thriving industry – the burgeoning U.S. cannabis market. By providing secure, compliant real estate for marijuana growers and dispensaries, they stand at the epicenter of green growth. This niche focus, coupled with a smart dividend strategy, has turned IIPR into a financial fortress, immune to the usual market jitters.

The chart tells the story:

High Yield REIT $IIPR

$IIPR is currently on the 200MA. It is also has a shooting star right off the 200MA rejection on the weekly which could indicate a short-term pull back. Regardless, $IIRP has proven to be a great investment, with a good P/E, growth and dividend yield. In a world of uncertainty, IIPR stands tall, offering investors a potent blend of growth, income, and inflation protection. If you're looking for a green haven in your portfolio, consider parking your money with this cannabis king – it might just be the smartest trade you make all year. While IIPR has outperformed traditional indexes historically, this isn't financial advice. Your investment choices should align with your personal risk tolerance and financial goals. Do your research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.


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